client Communication Model

Make your website to understand your Clients

To provide a supreme solution we need to understand your requirement that why we are using a Client Communication Model:

  • First, we determine the exact goals of the client’s requirement according to the respective business need
  • Client makes an Enquiry either by Enquiry Form or phone call or directly
  • Business Analysis Team process the Enquiry
  • Then Enquiry is sent to the technical team for further analysis
  • Technical team devotes their time, cost and suggestions based on the project’s requirements
  • These details are forwarded to Business Analysis Team
  • Business Analysis Team communicates with the client regarding time, cost and suggestions
  • If Client is agree the Client signs the agreement based on quote
  • Business analysis team gives customer details and project details to Project manager
  • Project manager Process customer details and project details and gives this processed details to the developer team
  • Project is going to Project development phase
  • Process of project development status can be tracked and monitor by Project manager and client
  • We provide 24x7 services to our clients during the project life-cycle
  • Once developer finishes the project then it is submitted to the Project Manager
  • Project Manager Tests the project according to the client requirement and after fulfilling the requirement install it to client’s workplace
  • Project tested by client according to its requirement
  • After client full approval we are providing maintenance if any problem occurs in future