Today a reader, Tomorrow a leader

Today education sector is relying on IT to increase efficiency in work. Alight Softwares provides e-learning solution software to several institutions and organizations to provide education & training to their people. It helps to automating administrative process in schools, colleges and other institutes & it provide training modules to train and instruct their employees/students in a efficient manner.

Education today is no longer just a social responsibility but has taken shape as a professional industry gradually. Colleges and schools nowadays look for solutions and processes to train their students and make them more acceptable in globally created corporate surroundings. The clients in this division always are in look for software solutions that will assist them give this edge to their students.

Our services include

  • Integrated system for managing daily operations like lectures, attendance, courses, admissions etc through high end technology
  • CRM integration to organize and assess the marketing initiatives for admission procedure from application till final selection
  • Online e-learning component incorporation with the portals
  • Integrated document management system to index the existing and new physical documents making it easy for institutes to revitalize this at any time
  • Integrated portals with different sections for students, teachers and parents
  • Entire teachers and lectures management serving institutes integrate and manage their resources professionally
  • Aesthetically and productively attractive designed websites combined with the portal strategy of institute
  • Tailor made resolutions for exclusive requirements of institutes in integrating with the inheritance systems and existing software processes