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Delivery of modern medical proper care depends on an expanding group of qualified Professional coming collectively as an interdisciplinary staff. The health-care industry incorporates several sectors that are dedicated to delivering medical proper care products and solutions.

According to business and market classifications, such as the Global Industry Classification Standard and the Industry Classification Benchmark, the health-care marketplace includes medical proper care products and services as well as pharmaceuticals, biotechnology and life sciences. The exacting industrial sectors connected with these groups are: biotechnology, diagnostic substances, drug delivery, drug manufacturers, hospitals, diagnostic laboratories, medical proper care equipment and instruments, nursing homes, providers of medical proper care insurance options and home medical care.

Healthcare IT sector views a rate of growth due to a very high fatality numbers caused by medical errors each year. We focus on designing high scalable product to support high data-intensive nature of healthcare software. With Alight Softwares excellent team and proven process will make it possible for mid-size healthcare software professional to provide world class medical proper care solution. We have extensive exposure and experience in custom software development spread over the healthcare, medical, finance and retail verticals.

Our services include

  • Application Development
  • Re-Engineering and Maintenance
  • Solutions Engineering
  • Global Deployment and Technical Consulting

Our healthcare software include Electronic medical proper care records, HMIS, EHR, medical proper care payments, medical proper care payments and coding, medical proper care practice control, medical proper care prescription and web based EMR. We provide full cycle custom application programming services, from product idea, overseas application growth to outsourcing support and enhancement. We perform every aspect of your venture: requirements control, product design and architecture, programming and progress, quality assurance, documentation, tech support and application routine maintenance.
We have developed our processes and skills to cater to the unique needs of the Health Care market. Outsourced Healthcare software development HIPAA Compliance health software development Appointment Scheduler Software growth Clinical Charting and reporting Solution growth Medical Billing and coding Software Electronic Medical Records Software Hospital Management Information Systems Healthcare Portals Practice Management Software Clinical Information Management