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As an insurance software outsourcing company, our encounter spans several company procedures and lines of company. Some of the application areas and company procedures where we have considerable process skills include contracted overseas insurance policy control applications. Market worldwide is undergoing through a changing company landscape, stiff competitors, mounting consumer requirements, growing mergers & products and constant regulating modifications.

In response, aggressive insurance policy store organizations must start new revolutionary solutions, be faster to market, cultivate new submission programs, and improve client assistance. Current systems of previous insurance policy company models often lack the agility required to support the current requirements of the newer company styles. Our strong domain knowledge in insurance policy & technical skills has made us first choice associate for independent application vendors for their insurance policy outsourcing requirements.

Industry consolidation, regulating needs, shifting census and reducing margins have increased pressure on enterprises in the insurance industry. Companies in this sector need an exclusive “edge” to stand out from the competitors. Insurance companies are also encountering a shift in how insurance policy solutions are delivered. As more clients demand online solutions, insurance policy organizations must ensure a specific client encounter throughout diverse sales and solutions programs. Above all, these organizations depend on applications that speed up their company procedures and provide real-time access to information analysis. Alight Softwares is a strategic associate for contracted insurance policy application control alternatives businesses and helps in increasing their company worth through solution accelerators. We regularly spend in tools and work-flow that enhance both the techniques and the underlying applications, producing ongoing savings for our customers.

Our Focus Areas

  • Insurance underwriting
  • Policies, claims and reinsurance
  • Client and broker management
  • Policy administration
  • Health insurance
  • Employee benefits administration