Your vision, our Idea

The flow of details from one location to another has improved speed significantly with the appearance of electronically allowed interaction devices. There are different network programs over satellite TV. Nowadays media has become digitalized. Media has become the primary source of details and it is a questionable issue.

With the appearance of several submission programs and income models, conventional press and enjoyment organizations are looking at new techniques to focus on larger viewers and obtain more value, such as online loading and other non-traditional programs like mobile. Technology is crucial as these organizations try to generate income from the material and deal with issues like privileges control, preserving and CMS.

Focus Areas

Alight Softwares has experience in creating and assisting software products across the value sequence in the press and entertainment business, such as alternatives for material creation, modification, resource control, distribution/streaming, submission and advertising.

Key Solution Offerings

  • Content Management Systems
  • Web Analytics
  • Content Conversion Tools
  • Online Advertising
  • Online Streaming
  • Video/ Text Ads/ Mobile Ads

Our skills encompasses

Electronic Publishing

Solutions for journal, paper and book marketers to manage and provide material effectively and viably

Social Media and Marketing

Solutions that tap into the public material creation trend

Web Portals

Solutions that help organizations controls the web to provide a single window to all material