Quality Assurance

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Quality is the most important feature of any company and highly effective identity of any domain. Quality means a lot in IT and is also the most legitimate way to evaluate the worth of any products or solutions.

Our quality assurance approaches are spread over different levels of production. We take care of company's system independently at different levels and keep check over different segments specifically. This allows us maintain the standard different levels and make sure a better feedback and pertaining feature for combined quality examining.

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Quality Assurance

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Outsourced Product Development at ALIGHT Softwares

Quality Assurance (QA) at Alight Softwares is incorporated into distribution procedure. This guarantees that database incorporation gets supervised at each landmark using quality gateways. This allows deciding exit conditions and catching issues at beginning. Efficiency and load examining is incorporated in our QA procedures which guarantees that not only the company requirements are met but overall application scalability is assured as well.

Alight Softwares provides an extensive range of off-shore and hybrid testing and QA solutions to its global clients. Alight Softwares expertise in critical test procedures such as performance, automated and incorporation examining grant customers make sure the standard of their applications and products. Alight Softwares uses multiple analyze optimization tools to maximize the speed and precision of your examining procedures. Alight Softwares quality analyst solutions consist of Regression Testing, Alpha & Beta Testing, Compatibility Testing, Performance Testing, Integration Testing .

Quality Assurance Stages include

  • Planning
    • Identify and analyse users
    • Map and understand the site’s structure
    • Determine level of quality assurance required
  • Testing
    • Requirements testing
    • Design testing
    • Functionality testing
    • Usability testing
  • Support
    • Provide QA advice and checklist
    • Provide improvement actions
    • Change management and impact analysis
  • Reporting
    • Document any new quality control methods
  • Continuous improvement
    • Incorporate quality assurance into your software development process