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We design, create, and assist software for managing and automating a wide range of retail store functions, such as stock management, product pricing, buying, reporting, and monitoring client information. We address store's difficulties - increased client objectives, aggressive marketplace, supply chain complications, globalization and the changing technology landscape. can help you fix complex difficulties to workers, demanding greater levels of education, computer knowledge, critical thinking, details analysis, and synthesizing skills.
Alight Softwares facilitates to fill the difference between the greater demands of a knowledge economy and the educational status of the employees & remain aggressive worldwide. Digital marketing is the business of selling products or services using the on the internet as the primary submission route. Digital marketing buying (i.e., online shopping) is growing in previous times several decades, with an estimated 750 million people using the Internet as a transaction channel (a rise of 40% over previous times two years).

This trend has led to a rush by conventional brick-and-mortar organizations, as well as newer small businesses, to build on the internet web stores and offer mobile commerce abilities to their clients.

Furthermore, the understanding that purchasing/shopping is quite a social activity has led organizations to convey this interaction to the conventional e-commerce software solution application. Information mill now using data and related web statistics to drive client dedication programs, cross-sell, up-sell, and offer other promotions offered through their solutions. However, this emergency has also led to a huge number of e-tailing issues, such as defective purchasing site style, poor client experience, payment processing errors and security and privacy offenses.

Alight Softwares provides

  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Mobile Purchasing and Payments
  • Fraud Detection
  • Online Advertising
  • Data Warehousing and Business Intelligence
  • CRM
  • Payment Processing Gateways
  • Inventory Management Systems
  • Merchandise Management
  • Store Management
  • Customers Relationship Management
  • Technology based alternatives for both the online and offline ecosystem
  • Expansion of online promotional approach for the retail audiences

Experience in developing e-tailing solutions, including

Social Commerce

Social shopping communities that assist a buyer's decision-making process through the collaboration of product discovery and rating engines.


Strategies for creating a differentiated and unique shopping experience


Solutions that enable customers to shop online at any time in any location through their Mobile devices.